My reality check!

I had a strong dose of reality last week, one of my parents has to undergo major surgery.

Now, I should explain, both of my parents are pretty darn healthy. No major issues, some minor surgeries in the past, appendix and the like. One is on about 3 meds, the other is on none. Which is a rare thing for people in there 70’s these days. They go to the doctors on a regular basis.

They are slowing down a little, but I think they could probably both still run circles around me.

So, it was a big shock to everyone to find out that my Father has to have open heart surgery! I was fine at the hospital when they told us. But it hit me pretty hard on the way home. Reality hit me hard.

I realize that heart surgery is an everyday procedure anymore. And it is constantly improving in technique and technology. But, this is really the first major hit in my family. I’m sure he will be fine and back to normal in a couple of months, but its still a hard dose of reality to swallow.

I think a person has three hard reality checks in life. (I’m there are more)

1. In your teens most people have what I call “superman syndrome”. You feel invisible, nothing can hurt you, nothing can stop you. Than about your freshman year of college, a friend, classmate, etc. dies. It hits hard, you realize that you are not invincible.

2. When something happens to your parents. Whether it be a diagnosis, an serious injury, illness, etc., and you realize that your parents are not going to live forever.

3. When your spouse becomes ill, injured, etc. And you realize that you may be alone.

I have not been through number 3 yet, but I can imagine that in each of these your own mortality becomes clear to you.


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Not really cajun. Just in spirit. Love everything about the cajun culture.
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2 Responses to My reality check!

  1. renxkyoko says:

    I had a reality check when we learned that my mother, whom I thought was invincible, had diabetes, high BP , and is now on 6 medications….. from zero to 6. And to think she’s the only one in our family who has never gotten sick, not even a cold. She’s like my best friend, so I’m scared. I want her to see me get married, pamper a grandkid ( she’s the type who spoils little children )

    • cajunragin says:

      Thanks for the comment!
      My dad is my best friend, close with both my parents. It’s definitely hard and a little scary.
      Keep me posted on your Mom. Hope you get your wish!

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