The Holiday Season and Other Updates

Wow, its been longer than I thought since I’ve updated! I’ve meant to do it sooner, but didn’t have the words to update of any substance.
Thanksgiving, well that was interesting. The food was good. The children showed up. That’s about all I can say. I can’t recall actually having a conversation with them. They stayed in the living room the entire time. I think they arrived about twenty minutes before I realized that they were there. Neither of them said so much as a ‘hi’ to myself or my fianceé. Par for the course I suppose. But on a good show for the grandparents!

I had my bankruptcy hearing, that went well I think. Sixty days and everthing should be discharged. Didn’t really know what to expect, but I was done and out of there in fifteen minutes.

I’m giving up the house in the bankruptcy. Which scares the hell out of me in a couple of ways. The obvious reason is that we will have to move. We are looking at buying, which is worrisome because I’m still unemployed and not contributing financially. The second factor is that not many people know that I’m losing the house, including the kids. I’m a little worried on the selfish, materialistic front. Waiting to see what kind of reaction there is to this when it becomes public knowledge, I guess.

We’ve fallen for about three houses now. The first was a beautiful old house with all the original woodwork still in it. The problem was it needed about $50000 in updates, most of which we couldn’t do ourselves. House number two was newer and about perfect! A little smaller than what we ideally want, but room to expand! But was really way more than our finances could do. House three we are looking at tomorrow and probably the one I am most excited about! It’s a really old house, but (from the pictures) the interior looks like it is in REALLY good shape, just needs a lot of TLC. The exterior is a little worrisome, we may need to call people in for that. But either way, 90% of what needs to be done, I think I can handle most of it myself, or at least with minimal assistance. I’m am eagerly waiting to get inside and really get a good look at things!


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Not really cajun. Just in spirit. Love everything about the cajun culture.
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