Entitled Mentality of spoiled youth!

This weekend should prove to be interesting. The ex is suppose to read the revised letter to my children this weekend.

Had a few conversations with the ex-wife this week about the eldest. The ex is getting rather upset with the ungrateful attitude of the eldest, and how the eldest is being nice to her face and then ranting about it in the blog. The eldest actually had the audacity to call there mother the C word!

The eldest is suppose to be coming to town. The ex had said that she is going to cut the eldest off until they learn respect and gratitude and apologizes. By cutting off, she is talking about taking the cellphone, and laptop, stop paying for books at the end of the semester, stop any use of the vehicle, stop paying for birth control and pretty much everything else.

This is an extremely drastic measure for my ex. Usually she is the one that never enforces punishment, much less creates it.

One of the concerns that the ex had is that it would push the eldest more towards the significant other. I said ‘so be it’, if it does it will only be in the short term, long term it would most likely cause them to break it off.

The ex also asked me what I would do if the eldest came back to me. I laughed at her and said that would not happen. If by chance it did, I feel the eldest owes me an explanation and an apology. And reaffirmed that it wouldn’t happen, because I have no money to help them. And for the eldest, its all about the money. The Entitled Mentality.

Even when my kids were talking to me and living with me. I made them earn what they wanted. There was very little that I just gave them. Except for independence, a sense of freedom and my time. Everything else they had to earn it. I never gave allowance, chores were just a household duty. Do them or accept the consequences. My household is a dictatorship, not a democracy.

I don’t think that I’m as bad or strict as I portray myself to be. But, I might be, since neither of my children speak to me.

I digress. I’m interested to read the new blog posting after the letter is read, and the eldest is cut off.


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