Friday is upon us!!

It’s finally Friday! That use to mean something when I was working. The last two jobs, I actually didn’t like Friday’s. Saturdays meant soccer games, and Sunday was usually a day full of paperwork. Oh, how I miss those days.

I like Friday’s as a whole. Friday nights, well early evening, I usually get to catch up with friends over dinner and a few cocktails. That’s the part I look forward to the most about Friday. It’s always a little disappointing when they don’t show up.

And this weekend is a holiday weekend. This is the holiday I look forward to in the summer. It means the kids are back in school, and life resumes to some resemblance of normalcy. Not that anything else occurs for us on this weekend. The fiancée works her normal schedule. So, no BBQ’s for us.

Received disappointing news on the job front today. Seems they are going to wait to see how the election turns out. I’m getting that from a lot of people.

Meeting with the lawyer today, which doesn’t present for a ‘fun’ Friday.

Ahh well, I hope everyone enjoys the weekend!!! I’m sure I’ll post more again today.


About cajunragin

Not really cajun. Just in spirit. Love everything about the cajun culture.
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