letter to my kids

Dearest Children,

Edited to protect the guilty.

Love Always,



About cajunragin

Not really cajun. Just in spirit. Love everything about the cajun culture.
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3 Responses to letter to my kids

  1. cajunragin says:

    looking for any and all comments, critiques, criticism, opinions, advice and suggestions, before giving this letter to my children.

  2. I am a college girl who supports myself completely and don’t talk much to my parents because I feel like they have no respect for my opinions whatsoever. However, I acknowledge how difficult it is to be a parent, especially when kids grow up and realize that Mom or Dad isn’t the perfect people they were suppose to be. I feel your letter is reasonable and acceptable until the last part when you start talking about blame and regret. I know whenever my parents tell me to start accepting responsibility I completely shut off. Explain your own opinions about the solution but NEVER assume how your child feels (ex: you blame me, you choose to do this). Instead, ask questions about how they feel. Listen, don’t preach. I know that’s what would get me to talk to my parents again.

    • cajunragin says:

      American Girl, thanks for your advice and comments. I will give them serious weight.
      My only rebuttal, if you will, is that I am not assuming how they feel. If you read the angry blog post, that came straight out of the elfeats blog.
      But, thank you for the comment and advice. I will give it serious thought before giving them the letter.

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