People never cease to amaze me

Sometimes, I stop and reflect on the people that surround me.

People amaze me! Both good and bad, and sometimes both.

Take my fianceé: I am often reminded of what an amazing person she is. I lost my job, and she moved in and has been supporting me for the last two years while I search for a job in this economy. She has never shown any signs of second guessing that decision. She has been patient, supportive, and understanding. Not once has she pushed me to take a job that I didn’t really want. It amazes me.
I don’t know if I could have the same patience and understanding.

Now let’s look at my ex-wife: My eldest was not allowed to take the car to college, because of the involvement in the youngers legal issues, and because the eldest did not live up to the ‘car agreement’. Insurance hasn’t been paid in 6 months, room wasn’t kept clean, etc., etc. When the eldest comes home for Labor Day its to get the car. Really? A month is enough time to ‘prove yourself’? The youngest is suppose to be grounded from everything but school and football for three months. It’ll be lucky to be one month.
And then there is the whole scenario of ‘dating’ the second ex-husband again.
First of all step up and be a parent, stop trying to be their friend. They are walking all over you. Secondly, don’t set punishments that you are unwilling to live up to. As for the ‘dating’ thing. Well, that just makes me laugh!

My mentor: This guy just genuinely has the most positive, upbeat attitude of anyone I have ever met. And there is nothing fake about it. When he got divorced he stayed friends with his ex, paid for her trailer for nearly twenty years voluntarily!!
who does that?! Just an amazing guy! Always turns my day around, if I’m having a bad day.

The ex-wife’s second ex-husband: Oh where to begin. Ex-military, alcoholic in denial, control freak, with a Napoleon complex. Dates for money. Proposed in two weeks, was married in three months, baby on the way in four. No patience with children of any age. Always wants to talk about himself even if it brings absolutely no relevance to the conversation.
overall, can’t find much positive to say. Three words: what a tool!

I could go on and on about this topic. But, I will leave it at that for now!


About cajunragin

Not really cajun. Just in spirit. Love everything about the cajun culture.
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