Hopes and Dreams

Some day I would like to make down to New Orleans. Since that is the inspiration for my cooking, my music and many other aspects of my life, I would like to make a visit.

I developed my taste for Cajun from watching the late Justin Wilson on the local PBS station, obviously I can’t cook with him. My next choice would be to cook with and take classes from Chef Paul Prudhomme. To me those two represent true Cajun, low-country cooking. I would also like to pok with Chef Jimmy Banno, whose food has also provided great inspiration.

I would also like to find a job that I could make a true career of. Something that I could get passionate about. Something that would allow me to travel and enjoy some of the finer things. Now I’m not talking the million dollar finer things. Just the little things, like an occasional expensive bottle of scotch, or a fancy restaurant for special occasions, vacations with the family, the ability to spoil my fianceé on occasion.

A nice house, large enough to support my kitchen. Big enough to have all the kids for Christmas. But small enough to still be cozy when its just the two of us left at home.

Financial security.

Happiness for my kids. I would like to mend things between myself and my kids, but realize that may never happen and it will only happen in time. Their time. If that doesn’t happen, I just want them to be happy. To find happiness that so many young adults struggle to understand what true happiness really is. That its not about money, success, or even love. But true happiness starts within.

I want to see BB King play his homecoming concert.

I would like to spend a month in Italy. To enjoy the food, the wine and the culture. Tuscany would be nice.

Some of these are dreams, some attainable. Nothing to drastic. Just things I desire.


About cajunragin

Not really cajun. Just in spirit. Love everything about the cajun culture.
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