Rollercoaster of a day!

So yesterday was one hell of a roller coaster ride! I was expecting an interesting day, but this was beyond expectations.

Yesterday started off fine, although as I said I was expecting things to get exciting. I sent my kids messages saying that we may be moving soon, so anything that is left here, you may want to come get. So, I was fully expecting to get phone calls and messages about that, at sometime during the day.

But, I got much more than that! The ex-wifes ex-husband called – he needed to talk. He shows up and starts getting into the conversation about how him and the ex have been talking and they are taking it slow. But, considering the avenue of getting back together. Which is humorous in itself, because they technically are only divorced once, but went through the divorce process twice.

About the time that he starts telling me this, I get a message from the ex saying that she needs to talk to me. Great! Could this possibly get any better.

She won’t tell me what she needs to talk to me about, other than its in regards to the kids, my move, and she promises not to yell at me. Great.

The issue is that my 15 year old threw a party at her house when she was out of town a couple weeks ago. There was alcohol involved and some scantily clad girls there. Great. The child was “grounded”, yada yada…

Now on to why they are here talking to me.
Apparently, the night before last the 15 year old, while grounded, snuck out of the house, arranged for a ride with girls to a nearby town where the girls father was out of the state. My brilliant 15 year old also snuck beer out of the house and proceeded to get caught, in a neighboring town with alcohol. Great.

I talked to the arresting officer and found out that not only did they try to say that they were from a different town, but also tried to convince the officer they were 21 with no ID.

Oh but it gets better, the ex was home, didn’t hear the phone ring, so the 18 year old drives the 30 minutes to get them, doesn’t wake the ex up, doesn’t inform the ex of anything.

And upon talking to the arresting officer found out that they blew a .127 and thirty minutes later blew a .159! Seriously! Your 15 and your blowing a .159!

But I day ended on a positive note that I may have a really good job lined up! Thank goodness!


About cajunragin

Not really cajun. Just in spirit. Love everything about the cajun culture.
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