I should write a sitcom!

I sometimes think that I could write a sitcom for TV based not so much on my life but on the people around me. I’m sure that mine is not unique, but sometimes I feel like I’m living either a sitcom or soap opera.

The old saying about it must be real, because you just can’t make this shit up, really fits my life!

Not that anything is really extraordinary or unusual, just a lot of it.

My ex-wife had to file papers on her second ex twice and it took a year and a half to get divorced. Now after a year of being divorced they are fooling around again. But they are trying to hide it from everyone and do it all secret affair style.

A friend of mine is a teacher which is a sitcom in itself. The drama of administration, the comedy of the kids and the parents.

Another friend is having testing done on his property for oil. And the calculations have already been made as to how much money they will have. Now that’s funny considering the testing isn’t even done, and they don’t know if there is even any oil yet.

I have another friend who is meticulous with his lawn, he mows a section everyday.

A neighbor who is an alcoholic. And one of those obnoxious ones too. And he suffers from Napoleon complex.

Another friend that lives in Amish country – now there’s some stories.

And that’s not even including the wives and their quirky behaviors.

Oh, and another friend who’s soon just went to jail because he overdosed. Not that that is funny, but there are parts of the story that are humorous.

I could go on, but I will leave you with those thoughts for today!



About cajunragin

Not really cajun. Just in spirit. Love everything about the cajun culture.
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