I’m so frustrated right now. Normally I would prolly be pissed, but parts of it, I just find funny.

I normally do to speak ill of my ex, until she upsets me. So, I apologize in advance.

A friend had a meeting with her recently about an unrelated matter. Somehow the conversation turned to me. The friend mentioned that they only new of me. Had only been introduced to me a couple of times.

My ex-wife then proceeded to go into detail about me. On and on about how manipulative I am, but giving NO instances or examples or anything to specifics of how or when I have been or am manipulutive. She also went on to say that I haven’t spoke to my daughter in 18 months (its only been 6). How I don’t have and never had a good relationship with my kids. Up until recently I had a great to average relationship with both of my kids.

She also went into some of the “legal” issues I have had in the past. And from my point of view, those are my issues, and should not be brought up or discussed by her, ever. She did however conveniently fail to mention that she cheated on me three times, or anything else that she did as a downfall to our marriage.

I have never gone into lengthy detail of my opinions of her to many people, but especially to basically a complete stranger.

The irony to all this, she actually had the smarts to tell one of my kids recently (within the last year), that if we would’ve met later in life, or she would’ve been more mature (something like that), that we would probably still be together. Really?!?

The part that frustrates me is that it makes me wonder what she says to my kids or that my kids overhear. And how much of her is affecting my relationship with my kids. I mean seriously, we’ve been divorced for over a decade – give it a rest.

Just let it go.


About cajunragin

Not really cajun. Just in spirit. Love everything about the cajun culture.
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