A bitch letter

To my daughter,

You say that I twist things. Maybe I do, I don’t know. I just call it as I see it.

A few notes on who twists things. You say that I kicked you out,
you chose to leave. You chose to stop coming around. I’m still here, haven’t left. Still having dinners.

You say that my girldfriend moved in two weeks after you left. Again you left. And it was more like 6 weeks after you left. And I told you it was probably going to happen before you left.

You get pissed at me for posting comments on social networking sights. The funny part is that half of them that you get pissed about, are not even about you. But it’s ok to write on your blog things that are obviously about me, because you use words like Dad and Father when referring to me.

The other funny part is that you must be looking for them. Because either you are not a member of my circle or the comment is blocked from you. So in order to read my “passive-aggressive” comments, you have to put effort to seek them out. I don’t consider most of my statements to be passive-aggressive, smart-ass maybe. Sarcastic probably. What I think/feel at the moment – definitely!

I have ‘friends’ on said social network sights that give me feedback and insight to me thoughts and feelings. So pardon me for letting my friends know what’s going on.

I often wonder how much influence your mother has in this, whether it be direct or indirect.

All those times that I pushed you to maintain a relationship with your mother, because someday you would need a Mom, I’m sure are long forgotten.

Now you see me as manipulative, because I state my opinion boldly. Because I point out the options and consequences of your actions and decisions. Because I pushed you to be independent, to be better, to work harder.

And what do I get for it – “Happy Fucking Fathers Day”

One sentence, I guess that pretty much says it all.


About cajunragin

Not really cajun. Just in spirit. Love everything about the cajun culture.
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