I would rather be hated for who I am, then be loved for someone I am not

My eldest child came over with the significant other to see my parents. I was completely ignored. The significant was introduced to the grandparents, but no such introductions were made to me, even though I was standing right there.

These things use to anger and upset me, but lately I am finding them humorous and trivial.

The irony to me is that she doesn’t want to speak with me because she doesn’t want ‘confrontation’. Really! And you think that ignoring my existence for 6 months, or however long you choose to, isn’t going to bring confrontation? I mean, you are going to ignore me for, let’s just say, 3 years. And then what, you are expecting to just walk back into my life, like nothing ever happened?

Or is that you plan on the slow recovery? A card here, a fathers day gift there, the occasional text, random phone call, to check the ice. Hoping that if you play cool, play it slow, you can duck out again before the confrontation hits.

Oh you selfish, immature, little kid. I explained all of this to you when you left. I know who I am, better then anyone else. I know how I will react to these situations. And I explained all of this to you in detail, that day you left. Maybe you should have been listening a little closer!


About cajunragin

Not really cajun. Just in spirit. Love everything about the cajun culture.
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