I have a feeling that this could become rather addictive in my free time. I don’t know if that’s a good thing.

I find myself getting annoyed by the little things. Prolly cause I keep it inside and don’t say anything to anyone, which is kind of the purpose of this blog.

Things like not shutting the television off when you go outside, leaving the lights on, eavesdropping on a conversation and then interrupting with questions, using my stuff and not putting it away.

I realize that these are all stupid little things, that I should just brush off and not concern myself with. It has a lot to do with my recent lack of patience. I understand that. But seriously, how many times do you have to ask or explain something to someone?

On to other frustrations:
I hear on the street that both the kids were drinking this weekend and they each think the other smokes pot. These are technically all rumors but rumors among parents are generally somewhat reliable. The frustration comes to play in that neither are speaking to me, because I have rules. I know the ex either a) won’t believe me. b) allowed it to happen. c) won’t do anything about it.

So, I’m stuck in this frustrating position of watching them spiral out of control and having them just out reach that I can’t help/save them.

I SO need to move!


About cajunragin

Not really cajun. Just in spirit. Love everything about the cajun culture.
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