parenting 101

I’ve come to the conclusion that some people are not meant to be parents. There are some out there that should be castrated at birth. Those are not the ones I’m referring to.

No, I mean that some are just not meant to be. I consider myself to be one of those people. I think that I did fairly well between the ages of 2 to 12. I was involved, I coached, did field trips etc. Both of my kids are now teenagers. The eldest hasn’t spoken to me in probably 6 months. I have no patience with the younger. Just don’t understand what goes on in their heads. The younger one informed me that mom’s would now be the full-time residence of choice. Haven’t heard anything since.

I’m strict, I realize this. I don’t try to be, it just is. The ex’s house is free roaming. Sneeking out, staying out, boyfriends sleep over. Yeah I can’t do all that. I’m too old-fashioned.

So neither kid speaks to me, I find myself upset with the fact that I’m not really bothered by it. I’ve reached a threshold where I just don’t care. I have enough going on in my life. I haven’t worked in too long, (I’m looking, just not finding), money is really tight, step-kids, fiancee, car issues, house issues. Like I really need more stress! I know it sounds bad, but it just makes it easier. Let the ex deal with them.


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Not really cajun. Just in spirit. Love everything about the cajun culture.
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